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Crisp Fall White Sangria

It all began when I opened a bottle of white wine that was objectively WAY too sweet to drink. So as the crafty 24 year old I am, I did a google search for "what to do with white wine that is too sweet to drink" and one of the first results was "sangria" so here we are!

This is great for making ahead when you have guests coming over (I made it for a Bachelorette watch party) - it takes only a few minutes to throw together and can sit in the fridge all day!

If you aren't making this to get rid of a bottle of too sweet white wine, I would suggest using either a Pinot Grigio or Sauv Blanc. You don't need a bottle that is too sweet to drink, crisp is actually preferable in my opinion!

You'll need

1 bottle (750ml) white wine

1 cup spiced rum

2 cups spiced apple cider

1 honeycrisp apple

2 oranges (one for juice, the other for slices)

1 cup frozen or fresh cranberries

3 cinnamon sticks

4 rosemary sprigs


Start by thinly slicing the apple & one of the oranges. Add into your pitcher or whatever container you're using. Add in the cranberries, cinnamon, rosemary. Squeeze in the juice of the second orange.

Pour in all of the liquids, stir with a large spoon. Sit in the refrigerator for 3+ hours while it all soaks in.

Serve over ice! Pour glasses of sangria and make sure you get some fruit pieces also (they are yummy) - to be extra cute add in a cinnamon stick and rosemary sprig to each individual glass!

Note: you can also make this with red wine - I would suggest either a zinfandel or pinot noir.

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