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Devil’s Peaches

The Devil went down to Georgia and he stayed for these. My absolute favorite dessert, the combo of grilled peaches + vanilla ice cream is unbeatable.

Time: 5-15 minutes

Serves: 1-2, you can easily make quite a few

You’ll need:

1 peach

1 tablespoon granulated sugar

2 scoops vanilla bean ice cream

4 gingersnap cookies

Tools: either a culinary torch, grill, or grill pan


  1. Slice the peach around the pit like an avocado and twist to separate. If your peach is either too firm or too soft for this, just cut two big pieces.

  2. Dust each peach half with sugar.

  3. Add the gingersnap cookies to a plastic baggy and use a hammer or bottom of a cup to crush into crumbles

  4. For cooking

    1. Grill: preheat the grill to medium heat - grill the peaches cut side down for 5 minutes, keep the top of the grill open

    2. Grill pan: preheat your grill pan on the stove over medium heat for 5-10 minutes, brush with olive oil. Grill the peaches cut side down for 5-10 minutes or until there are grill marks

    3. Culinary torch (my preferred method): Adjust the flame so it’s not out of control. Torch each half of the peach until the sugar is caramelized, it will take about 2 minutes for each half.

  5. Top each peach half with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and then sprinkle with ginger snap crumbles. Serve immediately!!!!!!!!!!


  • You can replace the ginger snaps with graham crackers, frosted flakes, or something similar!

  • The culinary torch I have: (affiliate link, won’t charge you more but it will give me a small %)

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