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Dijon Turkey Grilled Cheese

If you add turkey does it just become a panini? I don't know where the line is. But this is MOSTLY cheese.

Grilled cheese is great on its own but so much better dipped in tomato soup. So naturally I also made tomato soup and you should too!

My roommate (who is a picky eater) asked me to make her a regular grilled cheese. There is a lot we don't agree on when it comes to food but we do agree that tomato soup and grilled cheese are undeniably better together.

The soft brie and hard cheddar balance each other out. The turkey add some substance and the mustard adds a nice bite. I've made this 3x in the past week while trying to perfect my tomato soup recipe and I wouldn't change a thing.


I used my George Forman panini press which works insanely quickly so this took me a total of 7 minutes, partially because I had to cut fresh cheese slices because I always buy blocks.

This recipe just adds some depth to a timeless classic but its still the comforting staple we all know and love.

Sidenote for anyone who doesn't like mayo: it's just there to get the bread crispy.


2 pieces of bread (I use Italian)

White cheddar cheese


2 slices of deli turkey

Dijon mustard



1. Spread mayo on one side of each piece of bread. This will help the edges toast and get crispy. Place in cast iron or on panini grill, mayo side down.

2. Spread dijon on the inner side of each slice of bread

3. Add white cheddar to one slice of bread and either spread or place slices of brie on the other slice

4. Add turkey to one side and then place the other half on top and toast until the cheese is melted.

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