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Korean Inspired BBQ Chicken & Rice Bowl

This bowl is seriously amazing. So much flavor, easy to throw together, great for leftover or for meal prepping. It's also easy to customize, you could add in more veggies like edamame or avocado. You could also make it with tofu for a meatless monday kinda thing.

My plan originally was just a BBQ chicken bowl but when I got to the marinade I wanted to add soy sauce and then decided I could also marinate my cucumbers in some rice vinegar and suddenly it has a light KBBQ spin on it! For some more heat, I 100% recommend adding a tablespoon of sriracha to the marinade.

You'll need

  • 2lbs chicken (thighs or breast)

  • your favorite BBQ Rub (I used Trader Joe's BBQ rub w/ coffee & garlic)

  • a bag of greens such as spring mix lettuce

  • 1 cup dry white rice

  • 1 tablespoon butter

  • 1 teaspoon minced or grated ginger

  • Topping: white and black sesame seeds, scallions (green onion), lemon wedge

Sauce/ marinade

  • 2/3 cup ketchup

  • 1/2 cup low sodium soy sauce

  • 1/4 cup white wine vinegar

  • 2 tablespoons worcestershire sauce

  • 1 teaspoon bbq seasoning (same as above)

  • pepper to taste

Marinated Cucumbers

  • 2 persian cucumbers

  • 2 tablespoons rice vinegar

  • 1/4 teaspoon sugar

  • 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil

  • 1 teaspoon minced ginger

  • 1 tablespoon diced jalapeño


  1. Mix the sauce ingredients in a bowl. Then use a meat tenderizer (hammer) to pound the chicken. I like to use plastic wrap to cover the chicken. I like to get my chicken down to about 2/3 the thickness of what it comes as. This is important for both thighs and breast meat.

  2. Generously sprinkle both sides of your chicken with the BBQ rub and then press it in to make sure it sticks. Then add 1/2 of the sauce to a plastic bag or tupperware and add in the chicken to marinate for at least an hour. Reserve the other 1/2 of the sauce for later.

  3. Slice your persian cucumber into thin slices (like the thickness of a nickel or pound coin). Mix all of the ingredients in a small bowl and let them sit in the refrigerator until you are ready to make your bowls.

  4. For the rice - bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Add in the rice, a pinch of salt, and a tablespoon of butter, turn the heat to a simmer and cover. Let it cook like this for 10 minutes then stir, then let it finish cooking. I like to let it overcook a little bit and get browned on the bottom for "crispy rice" - when it is fully done cooking stir in a teaspoon of minced ginger.

  5. When you're ready to cook the chicken, I suggest doing so either on the grill (425 degrees F) or on a grill pan (medium heat stove) or in a cast iron. If you are using your stove, also preheat the oven to 425 degrees, nobody likes raw chicken. For people using the grill, I hope you already know how to cook chicken on a grill, I usually just go for it - preheat then cook 7-10 minutes on each side depending on how thick the chicken is - and it works for me. For the stove, preheat your grill pan or cast iron skillet for 5 minutes and then add the chicken, I don't add oil because there is plenty of marinade to coat the chicken. Sear the chicken for 5 minutes on each side (DO NOT MOVE IT DURING THIS TIME - you want it to get browned) then transfer to the oven for 7 minutes to finish cooking (especially if you use breasts because they are thicker) let the chicken rest for 10 minutes before cutting into it.

  6. Take the reserved 1/2 of the sauce and heat it in a sauce pan over low/medium heat until it thickens slightly. You'll want to do this right before you make the bowls so it remains warm!

  7. To assemble the bowls: add 1/2 cup of rice and a handful of greens to a bowl. Top with sliced chicken and marinated cucumbers. Pour some sauce over the chicken. Squeeze a lemon wedge and then sprinkle on some sesame seeds and diced scallion. Enjoy!!!

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