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Things I Love 2.6.22

I love writing lists so here’s a list of things that are making me a happy person right now.

Buttery soft, perfect for an afternoon couch nap. I bought the standard size but now I want the oversized one too.

Philodendron Cordatum

This plant has been so easy to take care of and I love watching it grow new leaves. She’s had several names but I think right now it’s Alice and she is thriving.

Between the beans and the kale this soup naturally has a lot of iron which is great for all my anemic friends and also girls in general when its that time of the month. Fun fact that I haven‘t actually fact checked but I google a lot of things. It’s also just really cozy and tasty and I’ve been craving it all week and it only takes like 20 minutes to make.

Citrus Green Tea candle from Trader Joe’s

Smells amazing, $10, and it makes a wonderful crackling sound like a fireplace thanks to the wooden wick. All around amazing and I’m going to buy several more because I’ve been burning this one non stop.

Living out all my best wealthy widow lifestyle with this robe. It has pockets! Did I kill my husband? Maybe but he definitely deserved it. I love walking around my apartment feeling melodramatic and this robe is perfect for that.

Rings !!

The bee pinky ring is from Mejuri. The rope, X, and ball rings are from Ana Luisa. The face ring is from my sister and she bought it at a boutique in St. Barths so idk but its cool! I switched over to gold jewelry in the fall after wearing mostly only silver for the past 10 years (wow) and I’m so committed now. Anyways these rings rock and I love wearing all of them at once.

This planner thinks I’m way more aspirational than I actually am but I do feel organized which is nice. It has a habit tracker where you write something you want to do that week and you can fill in little bubbles showing which days you actually did it (stretch, eat breakfast, text your ex, go to the gym etc.) There’s a lot of goal setting but I do well with micro goals so it’s working for me.

Ladder Bookshelf

I have two of these and they make me so happy. They were easy to put together and they make my books look like an art instillation which is all I can ask for. I’ve had them for a while but they’re holding up really nicely and I’ve just been appreciating them a little extra lately.

When I say I’ve never smelled better .. wow. Perfume is a very personal thing and they all smell different on different people but this is amazing and even though it was a present I would 10/10 buy it for myself. Definitely pricey but worth it and a little bit of nice perfume goes a long way.

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