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Things I Love: Valentine’s Edition

Aka they’re all pink or red! What I’m wearing, eating, reading, carrying, smiling about - etc. Just a list of things I’ve been loving lately that add a significant value to my life. Sharing is caring, ya?

the photos refuse to upload in the order I want so I trust you can play mix & match :)

Hedley & Bennett Pink Apron

H&B sent me this robe back in the fall and I don’t talk about it enough! 1) pink is my favorite color, always has been. 2) its a great length which as a 5’2” girlie - means a lot because I HATE aprons that go down to or past my knees. 3) the canvas is great and not stiff. 4) the pockets are quite convenient for holding phones, utensils, rags etc which is nice because I’m always short a hand especially when styling photos. Finally - 5) it has saved me from many a stain! I am not clean in the kitchen, if I ever claim otherwise, call me out!

My Link! Use code: HONEYIBAKED for 20% off

Strawberries, Yogurt, Peanut Butter

This holy trifecta has been my go to breakfast lately, I’m usually in a savory mood first thing in the morning but strawberries have caught my eye and when I have busy work mornings its easy to just grab three things and go. Also - PB, Strawbs, and yogurt go SO WELL together, this isn’t news. I either buy vanilla or strawberry yogurt, I like the 0% fat Greek yogurt from Trader Joe’s. I’m fairly loyal to Justin’s honey peanut butter. And for strawberries I finally figured out how to store them in a way that keeps them from molding after 2 days (check the highlight on my instagram profile)

XO Ceramic Vase

My mom sends me a valentines package every year and this year she included a ceramic vase that one of her friends made! Her friend Alex is from South Africa (my favorite accent) and makes these beautiful vases and pots and such all themed around love! How perfect.

@alexandrapalmer_creative on instagram

Buying Myself Flowers

I buy myself flowers almost every week or every other week depending on how long they live. So valentine’s isn’t any different. They brighten up a room and I think arranging them is a calming activity. I won’t claim to be especially good at it, I just look at what Trader Joe’s is selling, pick 2 or 3 and throw them in a vase together. Always remember to cut the stems at an angle and remove excess leaves! They’ll last longer this way.

Dark Matter - Blake Crouch

If you’re into books that feature parallel or alternate universes—order this ASAP. As a chronic over-thinker, I LOOOVE hypothesizing about what life would be like if I changed something as simple as what to have for breakfast or which grocery store to go to. This book is artfully written and completely engrossing. I sat down to read 15 pages and ended up reading 80 without realizing it.

Coffee Walks

I go on coffee walks and just walks in general quite often because DC is a walkable city. In an effort to wake up earlier, I told myself at the start of the year that if I get out of the apartment before 8am I can go buy myself a fancy coffee for my walk. This applies during the week because on weekends fancy coffee is a given. Normally at home during the week I just make coffee with my nespresso pods, I love them but this is still fun! I either go to a coffee shop nearby or I stop at whole foods and grab one of their ready to drink coffees.

Book Stacks

I counted over the weekend and I have about 275 books in my apartment - I forget the exact number. Anyways! That means I have plenty of books to make fun stacks based on genre, colors, moods etc. This one is a permanent fixture on my shelves but felt extra appropriate for valentines!

Min & Mon Purse

I bought this purse last year because a friend had a similar one in blue and I looooved the eyes! Super original and a pop of fun. Pink, as I said, is my favorite color so that’s what I went with. Their purses range $200-$300 depending on size and are great quality - I’ve visited the store in NYC and its just a great small brand. I didn’t know how often I would carry something that’s clearly a statement bag but I take it everywhere.

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