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The Authenticity Project
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Brittany Natel
May 17, 2021
I do not agree with the "we all have one thing that defines us". This may be a stretch BUT as a millennial, I feel as though there are MANY things that define us from past, present, and a different future from our parents. I do feel as though many of us want to make those who significantly impact our lives proud BUT at the same time ... it is not the same for everyone. It is a different world sadly. Some people may want to show a "we can do better" attitude from what their family provided. Anna, I 100% agree with the one dimension which is why I feel as though the world is the way it is. No one sees things from other peoples perspectives. Given this day and age, it would be nice for an anonymous book to be left ( not via internet, legit just pen and paper ) but the sad part of it is .... not many people would do such a thing. I personally feel as though this could hurt me, because I 100% want to and probably could say that I would want to be a better person. Many things would be effected but it is what it is and I feel as though many people this day and age are not able to say or realize such things. With that being said, I do not know if they could handle someone realizing last minute in life that they have been living a lie or that they could have been bette or done more. Which is why if this was a legitimate study or could be properly executed ..... the world could possibly be changed/impacted in such a positive way. I feel as though sharing on the internet for most is a negative ( Anna, if you stopped sharing recipes and cocktails id be very upset ). Not many people have good things to share, they only share the part in life that they want people to see. NOT the good, the bad, the ugly..... only the good. Kaileigh, I 100% agree with you ( and COMPLETELY support your thoughts for the other prompts ). 2021, I feel as though people are starting to be more raw and transparent so to speak. Back in the day people would never express their TRUE feelings about their relationships, hardships such as postpartum depression, COVID experiences, political views, etc. Social media content is no where near as valuable as an in person conversation which secretly hurts my heart. I would rather the truth then/than post or make a statement that is made to make the majority happy. Reasons why I keep my occupation and marital status / racial marital status out of most in person conversations personally.
Brittany Natel

Brittany Natel

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